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Biohack Collection

Our "Biohack" Collection is truly unique. As we have explored many Frequencies and ways of effecting the body, "Biohack" is a general term to help define the goal. The products you will find here will be outside of the Schumann and Solfeggio Frequencies. Using a combination of our extensive "Frequen Library"(Frequency Library), along with cues from Binaural Beats, Isocronic Tones, Crystal and Sound healing devices and a proprietary Sources, the Biohack Collection has been created. Using the same Imprinting Technology we use for our Traditional Product Line but with different Frequencies we are only theorizing should create the related effect. The products themselves may have only 1 or multiple frequencies for our best known combination for the effects known to be associated with each item.  

The Feedback so far has aligned with what we theorized to almost exactly what the Sounds of the Frequencies are said to help with.  As we continue our journey of helping, healing, exploring and expanding we ask that if you do Gift yourself with something from the Biohack Collection, please follow up with us here at Mystech as to all feedback and data help us to create even better products for the World. We really hope you Frequen Love It!

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