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Touch of the Sun God Powder

Touch of the Sun God Powder

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Touch of the God

Touch of the Gods is our newest addition to our Emerald Alchemy Collection. Items that are not jewelry but still Imprinted with our Resonance Technology. Each order will come in a biodegradable container with selections available of either 2.5 gram or 5 gram quantities. Each version of Touch of the God is an edible form of gold. They can be sprinkled over foods, and drinks, and worn as body paint/shimmer. If ingested the effects are generally more potent but don't last as long as it processes out of the body. When applied to the skin, (forehead/3rd eye specifically) it isn't as intense but will last until removed.

Sun God - Sun Frequency

A 24k Gold powder that is edible and Imprinted with the Sun Frequency. This 24k Gold powder comes from a fellow Alchemist that uses the Sun and Moon to energetically cleanse and charge it before we run through our Mystech process to Imprint the Sun Frequency, a favorite of many customers! You can learn more about the Sun Bracelet by clicking here.

Reports from customers that experienced the prototype were, a quick energy boost/focus, a buzz throughout their body, and emotional "bliss" was the most common word used. Heightened energetic awareness and sensitivity were both also strongly felt by those Touched by the Sun God.

Application - As shown in the photo

Simply press the tip of your finger or thumb onto the powder and then use that to apply the Gold Powder to your skin. 

*Do not apply to your eyes or eye area*

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