Conscious Life Expo 2019

Conscious Life Expo 2019

Its the time again! We hope to see you at the 17th Annual Conscious Life Expo 2019 being held at LAX Hilton Feb 22nd-25th. One of our Resellers has a Booth and will be loaded with Mystech merchandise so make sure to stop by for a quick hello and some fun tests!! 

This year the founder of Mystech, Halo Marques will be giving a Lecture on Sunday the 24th. The Lecture is Free and begins at 2pm in the Century B Hall. The Lecture is titled is The Perfect Conductor and will explain the bodies amazing ability to absorb almost everything around it for better or worse. We will then move on to how Mystech, using the Schumann Resonance 7.83hz, can help your Divine Instrument run at it's optimal Frequency.

You can see more on the Conscious Life Expo Here

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