Resonance Explained

Understanding Resonance & How Mystech Works

As seen in the video above, Resonance is a powerful tool with clear real-time effects. Think of it as advanced technology, akin to how a cell phone would have seemed like magic in the past. At Mystech, we employ a unique two-step process. First, we use a cutting-edge machine to permanently "Imprint" Resonant Frequencies into items. This imprint can last up to 300-400 years. This is the "Tech" in Mystech.

Our technology works similarly to a magnet but with Frequencies that resonate with different parts of the body, both physically and energetically. All life on Earth naturally resonates with the planet's 7.83Hz frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance.

For this reason, most of our products are imprinted with 7.83Hz, aligning your body's natural electric system with this frequency. This phenomenon, known as Proton Alignment, not only removes electric distortion but also acts as a shield against EMFs, mitigating the harm caused by modernized technology.

The second part of our process involves an energetic "Imprint" by Halo Marques, an Energy Healer with deep insights into the technology and what he's called "fun experiments". Which is the "Mysticism" in Mystech.

These two unique imprinting processes cannot be duplicated. We've observed little to no effect from products claiming similar benefits, like "Ions, Quantum, other 'Resonance' companies, Orgonite, Shungite," among others. Our technology enhances the electric system, amplifying the effectiveness of other items.

This profound enhancement is backed by live blood tests, internal EMF readings, aura photography, and countless testimonials attesting to our positive impact worldwide.

Mystech Live Blood Analysis Test

A third-party live blood analysis challenged Mystech technology to prove it’s impact on the body. A baseline was set where a subject named Charissa (who had never used Mystech before) took a live blood analysis. After 4 hours of wearing level 2 jewelry she had another live blood analysis taken.

The results were incredible: improved oxygen in the blood, parasites were no longer present, and the overall flow of the blood was considerably faster.

Welcome To The Future

This video is a compilation of different tests and experiments which we have done live. You can see the reactions of people filmed live as they experience Mystech for the first time.

From increased strength to balance to mobility, you will see the effect of the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz). It takes up to a week for the Frequency to balance the system fully, and these experiments are done within just a few minutes.

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  • Think about it like this: When people go camping or spend time outdoors, they often feel better, sleep well, and have more energy. It's not just because of the fresh air, although that helps. The main reason is that when you're outdoors, you're away from electronic gadgets. This break from technology allows your body to sync up with the Earth's natural rhythms, like a reset button. You feel great. But when you return to the city with all its electronic signals, it's like a short circuit, and you don't feel as good anymore.

    This concept is called the "Schumann Resonance". It's all about special electromagnetic vibrations that happen because of lightning strikes between the Earth's surface and the sky. Interestingly, our bodies also have some of these natural frequencies that come from the Earth. This means our brains and the Earth are kind of like two buddies in an electromagnetic circle of life, connected in a special way.

Resonance Beings of Frequency - Documentary

RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY is a profound and eye-opening documentary which looks at the harm we are causing to ourselves by living in an sea of man made EMF technologies and wireless frequencies.

Two billion years ago life initially came to Earth with has always had a natural resonance. As life evolved across time, it did so forever bathing in this frequency. We are still discovering to this day the deep impact Earth’s frequency plays in our well-being.

The latest research is starting to show how being in connection with this resonance is completely vital to us. It forms the basis of health in our body and mind, it lays the foundation to our circadian rhythms, and it supports our immune system and our overall quality of life.

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