Conscious Life Expo 2018 Aura Photography Results SHOW the Transformational Power of Mystech   -    MUST READ

Conscious Life Expo 2018 Aura Photography Results SHOW the Transformational Power of Mystech - MUST READ

PLEASE READ! I promise it's worth it! We're saving the World over here!! 

A lot of people want to see some type of Energetic/Scientific "Proof" of Mystech actually changing and correcting energy fields. So at the Conscious Life Expo a woman was kind enough to bring back her before and after pictures that we didn't even know she was getting done. So from Top to Bottom:

The Yellow broke field was taken when she first arrived at the Expo and had her Aura Picture done using Bio-metric feedback.

Aura Photo Pre-Mystech

After she bought her Mystech Bracelet she went back without out knowledge to test the effects. The Green beam on her arm is the side our Bracelet was on. She immediately came back and told us what she had done to test it and was freaking out! She did ask why it was only her right side and I explained she haf JUST put it on but this much change had happened in minutes. Within a day or two it would be much better.

Aura 3 Minutes after Mystech

She came back the next day unbeknownst to us and got her Aura Photo done again. This is the 3rd picture with a bright strong Blue Aura with Green and Purple coming through. Also not her Chakra points, especially her Crown! It was bright and open!

Aura Overnight Change

After she had her 3rd picture she came back to show us the incredible OVERNIGHT Transformation and wanted to get more! So the last picture of her Aura was after she added more Bracelets to balance out both sides. 5 minutes later she returned to show us this last Aura Photo which was even more Solid and shifting to Green, the Aura color of Love!

Aura after 2 Mystech Products on each arm

Hopefully this is at least some more evidence of our Technology for the people still unsure of how much they need this Technology. If not it's still an amazing story and an experience I know we'll never forget!

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Amazing stuff. Showed me both aura photography and Mystech are legitimate technologies!


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