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The Journey - Strength Rapé (Hap-eh) 396hz
The Journey - Strength Rapé (Hap-eh) 396hz

The Journey - Strength Rapé (Hap-eh) 396hz

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This potent, grounding rapé is crafted by the Brazilian Shawadawa Tribesman using the herb Rupusuti.

Rupusuti is an herb medicinally used to remedy hypertension, cleanse toxins from the body, and promote healthy cardiovascular function. It is excellent to use for cold and flu treatment and prevention.

The Spirit of Rapé can be felt through The Journey of Strength as it moves to release heavy energies such as anger, negative thought patterns, and attachments. As these heavy energies are cleansed, you may experience a feeling of weight being lifted or becoming lighter. Counterintuitively, you may also experience a strong connection with your body and the earth due to its intense grounding effects.

Using our Resonant Technology, we have Imprinted this rapé with 396hz which is also referred to as the Frequency of Liberation. This specific frequency will help focus the rapé energy to the Root Chakra. The addition of our Imprinting seems to have fundamentally changed the overall experience in a deepening and more resonant way. People have described the sensations of Imprinted Rapé as heavy vibration, condensed Lightbody, and a humming pulse throughout their being. 

This rapé is recommended for use in plant ceremonies, such as mushrooms and Ayahuasca, to aid in releasing trapped, heavy, or negative energies whether carried or picked up in ceremony.

The Journey of Strength is also recommended for use to cleanse heavy or negative energies after being in stressful, heavy, or social environments. 

“We the Shawadawa live around the upper Jurua’ River on four demarcated tribal lands.  Today, the main purpose of the Shawa people is to protect our lands, our forest, where all our natural medicines and culture are present.  The teachings of our ancestors and the use of our sacred medicines brings us this study of healing and our ancestral teachings.  Shawa means Macaw and Dawa means family, so we are the Macaw Family.  Apart from shamanic medicines like Rape’ and Ayahuasca we work with many different medicines of the forest.”

*Excerpt is taken from Queen of the Forest

Original Rapé Blend & Source - Gaia Blend from 

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