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The Journey - Spirit Rapé (Hap-eh) 963hz
The Journey - Spirit Rapé (Hap-eh) 963hz

The Journey - Spirit Rapé (Hap-eh) 963hz

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This rapé is crafted by a senior rapé master of the Brazilian Tribe, Nukini using Tsunu ash and Lourim, or Lourinho. 

Tsunu ash contains the power of three and fire, as well as the Alchemic energy of death and rebirth; while Lourim is an herb used to treat headaches and clear the nasal passage, thanks to its mint and anise-like aromas. The combination can also help to balance stomach acidity and ease nausea.

Although The Journey of Knowledge has grounding effects, it works primarily on the upper chakras. 

Using our Resonant Technology, we have Imprinted this rapé with 963hz which is also referred to as the Frequency of Trascendance. This specific frequency will help focus the rapé energy to the Crown Chakra. The addition of our Imprinting seems to have fundamentally changed the overall experience in a deepening and more resonant way. People have described the sensations of Imprinted Rapé as heavy vibration, condensed Lightbody, and a humming pulse throughout their being. 

 This particular blend is excellent for assisting in separating yourself from your thoughts in order to observe from above the perspective of the ego. 

The Spirit of Rapé elevates your mind and being through The Journey of Spirit while taking you deep into the Ether. Warmth and tingly sensations may be felt in the back of the neck and top of the head.

 Original Rapé Blend & Source - Awareness Blend from

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