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Order of Alchemy Aurablades

Djedi Mastery begins with your Aurablade. The Order of Alchemy will soon be offering detailed training for Metaphysical practices structured with discipline and the proper tools. All Martial Arts refer to the "weapon" as an extension of oneself. The Djedi Arts focus on Mastering the Energy Body, therefore the "Aurablade" is the perfect representation that offers a Physical tool to couple with your Energetic practices. 

Each Aurablade comes standard with Mystech Imprints to allow for the highest Frequency Assistance to help boost the different aspects you wish to work on. Standard Aurablades come Imprinted at 7.83hz. Each Aurablade has a removable top "Blade Emitter" that can be Imprinted with the Solfeggio Frequencies that match your Chakra points. The Order of Alchemy trains from the Root Chakra and then up so along with 7.83hz, each Initiate Aurablade comes with a Blade Emitter Imprinted with 396hz for your Root Chakra.

Upgrades for other Solfeggio(Chakra) Frequencies for your Blade Emitter are coming soon!


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